So What Does Marriage Involve?

Marriage is typically defined as two people committing to spend their lives together and signing a legal document that says they are now one family. But what exactly does marriage entail? While movies and TV shows might have you believe its daring feats, rescues, and romantic gestures that end in “I do”, the ceremony is actually only the beginning of the story.

  • Marriage Is A Partnership

    Marriage involves a man and a woman forming a marriage bond, and requires that each spouse bring something to the marriage table. It becomes evident quickly if one spouse is putting more into the marriage than the other, which could quickly lead to the door of a divorce lawyer. To avoid this, make sure you and your spouse are putting an effort into nurturing your lives and relationship.

  • Marriage Is Hard Work

    No relationship is easy, and just because you have a legal document that says you’re married doesn’t mean you won’t have problems. There will be disagreements. There will be struggles. Happily married couples work through these hardships and don’t consider breaking up as an option. There will be hard times full of hard work, but keep in mind that good times will come as well if you’re both invested.

  • Marriage Is A Haven

    You should feel safe in your marriage. It should be a relationship where you feel comfortable being yourself and expressing your love regularly – even in public. Your spouse should be someone you can rely on, and vice versa. When you’re relieved to get home from a hard day’s work and see your spouse at the end of the day and you both sit comfortable together on the couch – that is your haven.

Marriage Is A Constant Work-In-Progess

Marriage is full of ups and downs. It’s full of laughs and tears. It’s one of the hardest things to do in life and also one of the most rewarding and worthwhile. It’s not always as pretty as the way Hollywood makes it seem. Things won’t always go the way you want – but you can both work together to make it the best it can possibly be.